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Pretzels (see note about type and amount)
1 Cup Peanut Butter Chips
8 Wrapped Caramels
1-2 T. Milk or Water
¼ c chopped peanuts
½ C. Chocolate Chips
Cuisine: Cooking time: 15 mins Serving: 6-7 people

I can’t seem to get away from posting about desserts inspired by candy bars! This post started with an epic failure so let me start with that one.

My original thought was to make a dessert bar that would taste like the Take 5 candy bar. For those of you from another planet and don’t know what this amazingness is that I speak of it consists of chocolate, peanut butter, caramel, peanuts and pretzels. I know, right?!? It’s salty and sweet and has peanut butter which pretty much always wins in my book.

So anyway, I lined small cake pan with wax paper (good thought) and then proceeded to layer each ingredient until it resembled a really yummy bar. I layered pretzels first, then melted the peanut butter and poured that on top, then the peanuts, melted caramel and finally a layer of chocolate. All really good ideas….right? Not so much.

After refrigerating to firm it up I used the wax paper to pull the bars out of the pan (again, really good idea) but when I tried to cut into  bars it was like pulling the sword out of the stone. No joke, I ended up with a giant butcher’s knife stuck in this block of goodness. After beating the whole thing against the cutting board like a crazy person (why is that always my go-to way of removing a knife from something?) my knife came loose and the pieces of bar flew everywhere.

Somehow I thought they could still be edible if they just warmed up to room temperature a little and after letting them sit out overnight I took a bite. Not sure what’s wrong with me but let me tell you… NOT A GOOD IDEA.

The peanut butter had melted in my hand while holding the bar so my hands were covered with peanut scented oil for the rest of the day and the caramel was like a substance from another planet. For real, NASA, give me a call. We can do some damage with this stuff. That’s about as far as I got because as was the knife, my teeth were now stuck in the caramel (and no, I’m not going to start beating my head into the cutting board to remove the caramel.)

After a long few minutes of trying to dislodge my “yummy bar” I decided I needed a new plan of attack. Thus, the Pretzel Bites were born.

The combinations you can try are endless so use your imagination and hopefully get inspired but some of your other favorite desserts. I hope you enjoy and be thankful that I saved you a trip to the dentist!


*Note- When choosing your pretzels I prefer the square ones that look like little windows. They offer the most coverage and are easy to build on. If you choose these you will want at least a couple cups of them pending on how “covered” you want them. I actually like the salty pretzel flavor so I do some covered heavily and some a little lighter. Go with whatever you like.

First grab your biggest cookie sheet and line with wax or parchment paper. If you’re like me you might way to layer a sheet on your countertop too because things are about to get a little messy! Line your cookie sheet with as many pretzels as you can fit. The less space in between each one the better.

Now you’re going to work one layer at a time. Don’t try to get all fancy and multitask or you’re going to have issues. In a microwaveable safe bowl melt your peanut butter chips. Mine melted in about 30 seconds with one stop to stir halfway through.

Now drizzle the peanut butter over the top with a fork. My favorite technique is to hold the fork like you’re eating (unless you’re a caveman) and to quickly rotate your wrist in horizontal circles. The drizzle will thinly cover more surface area this way. (Including your countertops, you’re welcome.)

When you’re finished with the peanut butter repeat with the caramel. As the caramel is melting mix in the milk or water to thin the caramel a little. As you go the caramel will start to cool and you may need to add a little more liquid and pop it all back in the microwave for a few seconds.

While the peanut butter and caramel are still sticky sprinkle your peanuts over the top and lightly press down to make sure they stick.

Finally, using the same melting and drizzling technique do the same with the chocolate.

At this point you can just let it set up at room temperature or if you can’t wait then throw the whole thing in the fridge for a little bit.

They will keep in an airtight container for 4-5 days.


Have fun coming up with your own versions of this snack!

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