Why Inspired by Sam?

I came up with Inspired by Sam after a lot of thought (and I mean a lot!) I went through a few other ideas for a cooking blog but it always came back to my passion for challenges. I love to make a meal that is inspired by something else. Whether it is a pizza inspired by a salad (watch for my avocado arugula pizza, it’s to die for!), a baked pasta inspired by the restaurant dish I had on a date, or a martini inspired by a candle (no joke, I did this once. It was a disaster which is why I’m not ashamed to say that I’m a terrible bartender!) Whatever I happen to be making there will always be inspiration behind it and I will always share my story with you on how I was inspired. I hope you can become inspired by my recipes to create your own meals. I would love to hear your feedback on what inspires you.

Why a Cooking Blog?

Inspired by Sam was created for a few reasons, first is my passion for cooking and food. Over the past couple years I’ve really become adventurous in the kitchen. I’ve adopted a relaxed attitude (most of the time, but don’t you dare talk to me two hours prior to a party!) and have just enjoyed trying new things that I love to share. The second reason I created Inspired by Sam is because I’m realizing how many people hate cooking.  Most people have a collection of recipes that they have been eating and making  since they were a kid because it’s the only thing they are comfortable trying.  There is nothing wrong with family traditions and you will see my mom mentioned frequently throughout this blog. What I want to show you is that cooking can be relaxing, entertaining and inspiring. Inspired by Sam is meant to get you in the kitchen and having fun. The worst thing that will happen is that you’ll end up ordering pizza (unless of course you start something on fire and in that case I take no responsibility).

So enjoy it, learn from it and then pass it along to everyone you know.

About Sam

I have been cooking as long as I can remember. When I was in Kindergarten we had to write a recipe for a cookbook we were creating for Mother’s Day. While everyone was trying to remember how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, I recited the recipe for oven roasted pork chops. When I was 8 I had my first major cooking injury. It was Thanksgiving morning and I was making myself  scrambled eggs.  I accidentally grabbed the uncoated band of metal on the base of the frying pan handle and ended up with a small burn mark between my thumb and forefinger. Since then I have adorned my arms with small blisters and burns to match.

I have to credit my mom for my love of food. Even before cooking was trendy she was in the kitchen trying out new ideas. She never used a recipe, never baked ANYTHING and if you happened to be passing through the kitchen it was certain that she would thrust a spoon in your face and demand you to taste something. (And please for your own safety, don’t ever say “no”).

Although my mom is my inspiration for cooking I can’t say she “taught” me. Her method was to give me a basic outline and let me figure out the details. She is the reason why today I’m fearless in the kitchen.

Until now I’ve struggled to give out recipes because I just don’t measure! My fiance likes to joke that he never gets the same meal twice. If it’s not a great meal it’s usually not a problem because I can’t recreate it, but if it’s amazing…sorry, you probably won’t have that meal again! It will be a challenge for me to record everything I put into a dish but please just use my recipes as inspiration. If you don’t like an ingredient I used then sub in your own. Make changes to fit your lifestyle and preferences. This is your meal and it should reflect you, not me.

Also, since I’m sure they will have a supporting role in this blog I have to introduce my little family. I I live with my husband, Dave, who is my foodie guinea pig and very brave (see the note about the candle flavored martini above).

 We have a very silly but oh so sweet 3 year old German Shepherd, Kenzie, who makes an excellent clean-up crew in the kitchen if I drop anything, an energetic cat,  Bella, who is currently going through rehab for an addition to catnip and marshmallows,  and we hope to be expecting another puppy in the near future!

We live a little over an hour away from Minneapolis and love exploring the restaurants when we can. We also frequently travel so I hope to post some of our travel food experiences along with those from my own kitchen.

Thank you for letting me share my passion of food with you. I have lots of great ideas and can’t wait to see where this blog leads!

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