Want to learn specific strategies to truly love yourself and your life?

Good- because you’ve found your dose of inspiration!

Inspired by Sam was launched this year as an educational platform to help people eat well, feel well, and live well.

So, whether you are just looking for healthy meal recipes OR you want a healthy life recipe- this blog is intended for you.

You’re in the right place if….

  • You want to FINALLY stop dieting and start living a healthy lifestyle that you can sustain

  • You take responsibility for your own happiness in life.

  • You want to feel Healthy, Satisfied, & Whole every day.

  • You realize how short & precious every day is and want to live your life with more Purpose & Intention

  • And if you love lattes, puppies, or wine OR all 3… then we will definitely be friends!

Here’s the gist: You want to feel great, you want to look great, and you want to make your life the absolute best damn life possible. Does this sound like you? Join me and other go-getters like you.  I’d love for you to say HI on Instagram too!

So, Who is Sam?

Samantha Hinnant


Hi! I’m Sam. I’m extremely proud of being born and raised in Colorado! Currently, I call the Boston area home. In 2001 I knew the career I chose was not what I wanted to do with my life forever, and now 15 years- YES 15 years later…. I’m finally pursuing my passion.

I became a Certified Personal trainer and a Weight Management Specialist in 2011. My ridiculous passion for living a healthy and happy life was always present, but I didn’t quite know how to share that with others in a way that felt right, until now.

I don’t want you to wait 15 years to have whatever it is you want in life. I want to share my secrets and inspire you to learn how to create a life you absolutely love- right now!

My passion is to help you find that “something” in your life. I hope Inspired by Sam will be a source of inspiration for you to live a truly healthy and happy life.